Why SMARTGOV Online Permitting & Licensing Solution

SMARTGOV streamlines online permitting and licensing, while improving communication & transparency between agencies and citizens. SMARTGOV helps your organization work more efficiently and reduce costs, while improving customer service.  Because SMARTGOV online permit software is cloud-based and hosted on Amazon Web Services, we offer best in class reliability, agility and security.


Faster Processing

Time to process each online permit or license application is shorter and processing is more accurate the first time.


Public Portal can give citizens self-service capabilities 24/7 via the Web.  Constituents are happier and staff front office time is reduced. Online permits and business licenses can be tracked continuously by all stakeholders.

Better Communication

Share information, results, reminders and schedules with staff, applicants, stakeholders and the public.  Project information is available as soon as it is entered.

Ready to Launch

SMARTGOV is already in use by dozens of cities and counties. Our web-based, fully featured tools are ready to use. Onboarding your city or county can be fast and inexpensive.

Reduce Paperwork

Submit and review plans, documents and photos online. No more filling out multiple reports.

Save Staff Time

Save redundant work. Reduce steps to completion and avoid lost work.

Happier Staff

Staffers communicate with public more confidently. Work is simpler and more effective. Fewer unhappy customers.

Low Maintenance

Cloud-based solutions costs less by cutting the expense of revisions, upgrades, security, backups and maintenance.

Simplified Reporting

Meeting performance standards and reporting requirements is easier with a host of reporting tools.


Implementations can be customized to your department’s needs.
SMARTGOV increases collaboration and accountability with online permit processing

SMARTGOV  helps government agencies streamline their processes using cloud-based solutions to manage community development. Online permit processing, business licensing, mapping, payment collection, communication with constituents, inspections and more — the work of development is managed in one simple portal. Because SMARTGOV is modular and ready to launch, communities can adopt our solutions quickly and affordably, saving time and money while delivering better customer service.  Contact us to learn more.

Call Paladin Data Systems at 877-367-4572 for more information and a free quote.  Contact us to set up a demo. Learn more about how SMARTGOV can streamline your online permit processing:


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