Built-in Features

SMARTGOV comes with many robust features including a built in GIS mapping module, a suite of reports and graphs, and the ability to attach any file to a record. SMARTGOV also contains many optional functions to measure and drive your efficiency.

Adhoc Reporting

Adhoc Reporting
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SMARTGOV includes a full suite of printed reports, charts, and graphs and the ability to create new reports using our ad-hoc reporter. In addition any tabular list can be turned into an instant report with a single click allowing you to ask complex questions of your data and instantly print the results. We can also create any report you like to exact specifications should you need it.


The SMARTGOV financial transaction system is designed to simplify and centralize the cash receipting and distribution processes related to permits, planning actions, code enforcement actions, licenses and inspections. Fees types and rates are user-defined and drive the valuation calculator feature when creating invoices and receiving payments. Users can assess, invoice, and receive full or partial payments, refund overpayments, or view transaction history. This transaction based component enables tracking of Fund/GL accounts, allowing for integration with any FMS systems.


SMARTGOV stores and automatically calculates all of your fees along with their GL codes. You can charge fixed, scaled, or hourly fees including those based on valuations or fixtures, and then print and store full receipt information. You can also create automatically calculating fee estimates for potential applicants who want to know costs before initiating a project. And one of our SMARTGOV connectors can be used to share this information with your finance software.

GIS Layers

GIS Layers
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SMARTGOV comes with built-in GIS mapping, including the layers for aerial and street map view. In addition we can import any other shape file layers you might have, like parcel dimensions so you can create records directly from the map. In SMARTGOV any list screen can be instantly mapped. You can load a filter, query the records you want, and then with one click show them on a color-coded map that you can draw on, annotate, save, or print. This integrated GIS makes SMARTGOV more than a simple permitting system, it makes it a visual tool that aids in decision making.


With SMARTGOV all of your contacts are organized in a single location whether they’re individuals or corporations. All of your owners, architects, engineers, applicants, etc. are stored with phone numbers, points of contact, and related accounts. If the contact is a contractor, license information is stored and checked when the contractor is assigned to a permit and expired licenses produce automatic alerts.


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SMARTGOV comes with a full parcel module that tracks owners, addresses, legal descriptions, tax records, zoning, etc. The history of split or merged parcels is maintained along with chronological ownership records. In addition, Paladin Data Systems can create connectors between your assessor records or your GIS allowing you to create permit or code enforcement records directly from our built-in mapping module.


Finding records in SMARTGOV is a snap. You can search on any number of values in any number of fields using tabular lists that allow you to control layout, content, etc. and then turn the list into an instant report. You can also save as many search criteria as you like allowing you to quickly drill to specific records or groups of records that need regular attention.


There is no limit to the number of notations you can attach to records in SMARTGOV. You can define note types and create notes from many of the detail tabs, which can be regarded as a whole on the Notes tab. Notes also allow you to reference a URL address, or files like photographs, scanned documents, drawings, etc. Gather all of your related information in SMARTGOV and it becomes a one-stop hub for whatever you need.


The SMARTGOV system is completely secure. It allows you to define users and departments with security groups, secure functions, qualifications, and effective security. Right clicking on any field allows you to see a record of every edit made to the field, by whom, and when. And our cloud based subscribers receive triple redundancy and a backup feature that allows you to download your database to a local drive.


User To-Do List
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Efficiency Drivers

SMARTGOV not only stores your data but provides optional functions that actively analyze your records and suggest efficient methods for dealing with them. A prioritized user to-do list for each user’s assignments and a SMARTQueue that manages the entire organization’s priorities is only the beginning. SMARTGOV also manages workflow, tracks your time, provides processing clocks and overview tabs that show you where you are in the process at a glance. Alerts and expiration warnings are prominently displayed and our Cycling feature manages the plan review process from submissions to corrections across as many unified cycles as needed. Each user has a configurable recent-records-visited list to jump directly to their work and our Management Dashboard provides a graphic view of your organization’s status using a series of charts.


SMARTGOV is extremely flexible. The systems administrator controls record types like permits and can define the jurisdiction’s business practices like workflow, fees, dependencies, field formatting, custom fields, and automatic numbering, status, and date calculations. The Jurisdiction also controls the detail tabs that appear, the content of the main menu, and choices listed in pull-down fields. Individual users control the layout of their personal Dashboard, subscribe to email notifications of system actions, maintain a list of favorite URLs, and set preferences for auto-fill fields, display themes, and page size.


If you have implemented SMARTGOV as a cloud application then your data is stored in the Amazon cloud. This means at any given moment there are three separate copies of your data in three disparate geographical locations. The odds of lost data are remote in this environment however we recognize the secure feeling of knowing your data is on a disk at your offices. For this reason SMARTGOV offers every cloud subscriber a backup procedure that allows you to download your data to your locale on a regular basis.