Marijuana Licensing

SMARTGOV for Marijuana Licensing Management and Enforcement

SMARTGOV streamlines business licensing for cities, counties and states. Our simple, affordable software service is now being used to manage marijuana licensing, as government agencies work to quickly and efficiently enact cannabis legalization. SMARTGOV’s comprehensive business licensing module manages issuance, tracking, and renewal of any recurring license.

Streamline Business Licensing Issuance

Licensing for liquor businesses, marijuana growers, distributors or retailers, and any type of cannabusiness can be managed in a simple workflow, customized for your agencies’ requirements. SMARTGOV’s marijuana licensing solution is:

  • Efficient: Faster processing times saves agencies time and money.
  • Budget friendly:  SMARTGOV’s cloud-based Software-as-a Service (SaaS) solution requires no capital investment or heavy infrastructure costs. Costs are capped as a predictable, monthly subscription model.
  • Fast to launch: Because SMARTGOV is an established service and cloud-based, there is no costly, time-consuming build out. Services can launch quickly to accommodate aggressive legalization timelines. SMARTGOV’s modular design accommodates customization easily.
  • Customizable for any license: SMARTGOV’s licensing management is flexible and configurable to any license type. Our workflows, rules and processes can manage any business licensing.

Integrated Enforcement Tools

Code enforcement and compliance checks are a critical component of marijuana licensing. SMARTGOV integrates licensing issuance and code enforcement in one workflow.

  • Simplified case management:  Access the complete history of license, from application to issuance to complaints to inspections to resolutions.
  • Mobile Enforce App: Code enforcement officers can use our SMARTGOV Enforce app to access case history, make notes , attach photos or documents, and instantly update records from the field, keeping the office in sync with the code enforcement officers at all times.

Accountability and Transparency

  • Accountable: Track licenses and permits in one authoritative source with simplified reporting
  • Public information: SMARTGOV’s public portal simplifies public announcements, license
    notices and any required notifications.
  • Citizen engagement: Citizens use SMARTGOV’s public portal to track cannabis business development in their neighborhoods, using a convenient map format.

Business Friendly

  • Customer friendly: Cannabis business applicants can use the portal for self-service 24/7 access to renew, apply, pay fees and track their license status.
  • Easier for Cannabusinesses: Businesses benefit from streamlining, too. Applicants can track status of their licenses, receive notices, submit documents, respond to agency requests, and pay fees. Integration with seed-to-sale platforms allows easy submission of records of allowable quantities, origins and distribution areas.
  • Integrates with Seed-to-Sale: Many jurisdictions require detailed seed-to-sale tracking to create accountability for inventories and distribution. SMARTGOV supports end-to-end integration so that cannabis licensing can be tracked from the grower, to the processor, to distributor, to retail sale, in a single integrated management solution. Learn more about SMARTGOV for Seed-to-Sale solutions.

Learn about how the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board selected SMARTGOV for marijuana and liquor business licensing. Follow news on marijuana regulatory tools on our blog.

SMARTGOV  helps government agencies streamline their processes using cloud-based solutions to manage community development. Online permit processing, business licensing, mapping, payment collection, communication with constituents, inspections and more — the work of development is managed in one simple portal. Because SMARTGOV is modular and ready to launch, communities can adopt our solutions quickly and affordably, saving time and money while delivering better customer service.  Contact us to learn more.

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