SMARTGOV Skills Management for Police & Military

SMARTGOV is a part of a civic management platform that includes ASMi Workforce Management.

ASMi is a platform for streamlining workforce readiness and accountability. ASMi was designed for police and military leaders to track their teams’ skills and training in one convenient dashboard. Leaders use the Skills Management module to track performance, provide insight, and make decisions with confidence. The Skills Management module features:

  • Standardize goals, tracking and certification practices
  • Track individuals or across a team
  • Track hours invested in training per person or team-wide
  • Hosted in a secure cloud environment, accessible from anywhere
  • Exams and quizzes to verify readiness
  • Incidents and accolades tracked in one place • Reporting and analytics to track investments, time spent, shortcomings and progress towards goals
  • Simplifies records requests and accountability to meet reporting requirements

ASMi is a strategic cloud-based application which provides the ability to quickly plan, build and manage workforce skills across your organization. Military, police and first responder organizations use ASMi to improve personnel readiness, track performance, provide insight, and make decisions with confidence. ASMi can also be used by health care entities, private companies, schools and any organization that requires ongoing educational tracking.

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