SMARTGOV Solutions Papers

Paladin Data has over 20 years experience in government systems: We partner with your agency to refine practices and create the most effective, efficient processes for your team.

These white papers represent some of our recommendations for best practices in managing community development. Request a free download here.

Paperless City: Maricopa AZ Goes 100% Digital Planning

Maricopa, AZ implemented the first paperless planning department in the country, using the SMARTGOV platform. See how their department implemented online applications, inspections, e-plans, review processes and more. This solutions paper shows real-world steps to manage collaboration, communication and documentation without all the paperwork.

Best Practices for Automated Permitting

Planning departments are moving to streamlined, automated permit processing. Moving to digital processes is an opportunity for planning departments to update how they work across every step. This solutions paper incorporates experience from dozens of implementations to help your department refocus and streamline permitting.

Open Government & Cost Savings with the Cloud

Demand for more open and more efficient government services has never been stronger — yet agencies are challenged with ever-shrinking budgets and headcount. Cloud-based services are the solution to these contradictory directives: Your department can deliver more transparency and better service, while still saving time and money.