SMARTGOV for Code Enforcement

SMARTGOV features a full Code Enforcement module that works with the SMARTGOV suite to manage all case actions, from complaint to resolution.

  • Public Portal: Code Enforcement can be initiated by a citizen request for action, submitted via the SMARTGOV portal. Pothole reports, neighbor concerns, questions about a business, or complaints about a code violation – any report can be received via the portal and added to a queue for a response.
  • Smart Routing: Requests and complaints are routed to the appropriate department. Comments and requests can be delivered to the owner – e.g., pothole reports get sent to public works.
  • Case Management: Issues that are determined to be a code violation can be converted into an enforcement case for investigation and resolution. SMARTGOV provides case management tools that let you track a case from initiation to completion. Notes from site visits, file and photo attachments, communications to the customer, scheduling of site visits, communication between departments – every step of the enforcement process is tracked in one place.
  • Mobile App: Inspectors who visit sites to document and resolve code violation can use the SMARTGOV Enforce App to access the current case file, maintain case notes, attach photos, update case status and more – keeping the case file updated real-time and sharing information with the in-office team instantly.
  • SMARTGOV Consistency: Case tracking, notes, communication tools, GIS and reporting – SMARTGOV Code Enforcement uses the same interface and toolset as the Permitting module. City staffers and departments can work efficiently between the familiar environments, without having to learn different tools.
  • Communication: Create violation letters, reminders, notices and invoices within the SMARTGOV environment, and easily send to citizens or staffers in a tracked environment.  Attach any supporting documentation.
  • Tracking: Identify and record multiple violations or multiple violators. All of your activities are neatly tracked, including inspections, reoccurrences, and appeals, providing easy legal documentation.
  • Mobile Payments: Enable citizens to make payments on site during inspections or away from the front desk. Eliminate processing expense through service fee functionality, providing zero cost processing while updating the records to streamline internal workflows through automation. Learn more about payment systems from our partner, Pace Systems.

SMARTGOV for Code Enforcement offers a streamlined, efficient solution for all code enforcement activities – citizen engagement, communication, cross-departmental collaboration, record keeping, case management and more. The seamless Code Enforcement integration with SMARTGOV for Licensing and SMARTGOV for Permitting means that all the work of community management is kept in a single, simple environment.

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