SMARTGOV Citizen Services Portal

SMARTGOV’s complete online permitting and licensing solution offers cities and counties the ability to create a public portal, a web site that brings together permit applications, public notices, maps and payments in one information hub. A public portal for permitting services is an essential part of creating transparency and efficiency in any development agency. Online permit portals offer these essential benefits:

Transparency: Citizens can access development plans for their neighborhood instantly and easily.

Front Desk Services: Self-serve information is made available 24/7 on the web, with less impact to staff hours.

Clear Communication: Updates and schedules are clearly delineated and accessible to all stakeholders.

Paperless Transactions: Permit and license applications are initiated and managed online, without forms to fill out and manually track.  (See how Maricopa, AZ, saved 215 cubic feet of paper plans by switching to online plan reviews.)

Collaboration: Anyone can access application and updates in one place – staff, field agents, inspectors, property owners, contractors or neighbors. Sharing notes and updates collaboratively is simple.

Citizen Engagement: Citizens can clearly see and understand what is happening in their neighborhoods, give feedback and share information in a simple, easy-to-use format.

Visual Information: GIS-integrated maps let users browse through projects and information in a visual, easy-to-find format that shows clear geographic context for development.

Over 100 jurisdictions already use SMARTGOV. Half of these cities and counties use public portals as part of their SMARTGOV system. See live examples for these customers:

City of Bainbridge, WA

City of Bremerton, WA

City of Ellensburg, WA

Island County, WA

County of Chelan, WA

City of Franklin, OH

City of Sunny Isles, FL

Kitsap County, WA  (or read Case Study)

Florence, AZ (or read Case Study)

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