Client:  Washington Liquor & Cannabis Licensing Board


Innovating an industry with new tools

After legalization of marijuana in Washington State, the Liquor Control Board was tasked with managing a deluge of applications from growers, distributors and sellers of cannabis products. Its legacy licensing system and previous processes needed replacing to rapidly scale up to accommodate the new industry.


WSLCB selected SMARTGOV as Its licensing and code enforcement service partner

SMARTGOV’s hosted service manages licensing, code enforcement, permitting, and inspection, allowing state staffers, field agents, applicants and citizens to view licenses as they are applied, reviewed and granted.


The State needed a fast-to-launch solution. After legalization of cannabis in 2013, a rush of licensing demand overwhelmed the old system. SMARTGOV’s modular web-based system will go live within a year.


The Washington State costs were minimized by choosing a cloud-based, commercial off-the-shelf solution.

Revenue Generation:

Increasing the rate at which applications are received and processed translates to faster revenue realization from license fees and code-enforcement fines.


Cannabis legalization is a closely watched issue as citizens and policy makers monitor its impact to neighborhoods and businesses. The State wanted to make the entire licensing process transparent to the public. SMARTGOV offers a public portal that gives citizens visibility into who is applying for licenses, where licenses are being issued, and where any code violations may occur.


As a web-based platform, SMARTGOV accommodates the rapid growth in the number of licenses issued in the new cannabis industry. Paladin partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide secure, cloud-based hosting.

Local Partner:

As a service provider, SMARTGOV acts as an ongoing partner to the WSLCB for the next 5 years. SMARTGOV provides responsive support and an agile, iterative solution that will continue to grow with the WSLCB’s needs.