Client: City of Florence, Arizona (Population 10,000+)

Challenge: Tracking permits effectively

The Town of Florence had several permitting issues including being unable to track permit applications effectively, the inability to ensure all fees had been collected, and holding other departments accountable for their permit reviews. They required software that was simple enough for staff to understand and use on a daily basis and to become more efficient as a town.“SmartGov has enhanced every aspect of our processes. Every department that is critical to a review is now involved with the entire process of all development activities that come into the Town. It has everything that we are looking for and a budget that the Town was looking for. It is a perfect fit!” Tracie Ramirez Permit Specialist, Town of Florence, AZ

SMARTGOV Solution: All permits, One platform

SMARTGOV software was deployed to consolidate all permit types into a single automated database. SMARTGOV is capable of loading all fee schedules, workflow, automatic email notifications, as well as public portal access delivering enhanced communication across all jurisdiction departments while standardizing all aspects of submittal intake, plan review, fee payments, remote access, and customer feedback.

Outcomes: Major cost savings, faster permit delivery

Since SMARTGOV ’s launch, Florence has seen dramatic benefits:
• Approximately 40% in operational and processing savings
• Processing time reduction of 50% which allows the department to achieve goals in other areas


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