Kitsap County Saves Time & Money with SMARTGOV

SMARTGOV helps Kitsap County permitting become more efficient, improve customer service


Kitsap County, Washington (Population 250,000+) leveraged SMARTGOV to streamline permitting, planning, inspections, code enforcement, licenses, fees, parcels, contacts and more.


Challenge: Increasing Demand, Tight Budget

The County’s Department for Community Development was seeing an increase in demand for county-level services while tax revenue was declining. Tighter budgets meant staff hours were reduced, public hours were cut, and traditional processes were no longer working to meet customer needs.

SMARTGOV Solution:  Streamlined Permit Process

SMARTGOV was implemented in 2012 as part of a Lean Six Sigma reform. The goals were ambitious: Eliminate waste and save staff time while improving customer satisfaction.
SMARTGOV allowed staffers create standardized data management, perform advanced plan review processing, and provide 24/7 online citizen access. The combination of new technology and new Lean Six Sigma processes delivered results: improved employee satisfaction, better teamwork, leadership and project management training, and refocusing on the department’s core mission of enabling the development of quality, affordable, structurally safe, and environmentally sound communities.

SMARTGOV met the city’s goals:

tiny-orange-checkData management in one place
tiny-orange-checkPlan review processing
tiny-orange-checkCitizen portal to improve transparency & communication
tiny-orange-checkBetter teamwork & employee satisfaction
tiny-orange-checkReporting to track results
tiny-orange-checkSet review times & clearer expectations with citizens
tiny-orange-checkShorter wait times for permitting
tiny-orange-checkIdentify complications early in process & resolve quickly
tiny-orange-checkAffordable setup & maintenance with minimal IT & capital investment



Better wait times: A decline in permitting lead time from a high of 26 days to a low of eight days, with a current average time of 18 days
Higher success rate: Additionally permits approved on the first submittal increased from 4 percent to 51 percent.
More permit applications: A 10 percent increase in residential and mechanical plumbing permits, and an 18 percent increase in commercial and plumbing permit applications
Significant staff savings: 44% of 1002 permits used the online application, from January 2015 through July 2015. 319 hours of staff time were saved by online processing in 6 months.

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