Client: City of Maricopa, AZ (pop. 49,000)


Improve Transparency and Service

Maricopa set an aggressive goal:  Be the most transparent city in the world. For Maricopa Development Services, this meant eliminating paper plans, streamlining processes and issuing permits more quickly. Their community mission required an easier permit process and faster turnaround in order to attract more businesses looking to expand or develop in Maricopa.


SMARTGOV Streamlined Permit Solution

Maricopa chose SMARTGOV as their partner in permitting services. SMARTGOV makes permitting transparent, efficient and painless for both staff and customers.

SMARTGOV met Maricopa’s requirements:

  • Improve permit wait times
  • Electronic plan reviews
  • Make online permits easier to reduce office traffic
  • Communicate more clearly with customers
  • Make staff happier
  • Reduce paper use and environmental impact


Faster, Better, Cheaper

Since starting the implementation of SMARTGOV Maricopa has realized several benefits:

Faster permit times:

The city issues permits 50 to 70 percent faster than before the implementation of SMARTGOV.

Quicker electronic plan reviews:

Plan reviews are completed 30 to 50 percent more rapidly.

Environmentally Friendly

Electronic filing means no more paper printing, reduced carbon emissions.

Online efficiencies

Customers submit plans from anywhere and have the ability to pay online.

A reduction in front office traffic

With customers now able to do so much online, office visits are reduced, saving staff time. The goal is to reduce in-person visitors by 80 percent.

Happy customers

With a transparent permitting system, customers can track their permit status whenever they want.  Citizens appreciate the straightforward, honest communication.

City staff satisfaction

City employees can communicate more clearly and provide better service to happier customers.

“This really reduced our plan review times, and helps make the City of Maricopa a great place to build and do business,” said Development Services Director Martin Scribner.

“Our goal is to be the most transparent city in the world,” said Robert Mathias, Development Manager for the City of Maricopa. “SMARTGOV is a huge step toward that goal.”

Feedback from customers has been enthusiastic. “I have been a construction manager in Maricopa for about 4 years with LGI Homes,” said Senior Construction Manager Darren Roggeman, “I remember the old file card permits that got pulled for inspections every day. SMARTGOV has been an incredible tool and upgrade for us in the field. Not only can we get immediate inspection results, but we have the ability to go online and see or print any inspection corrections.  SMARTGOV also allows us to schedule inspections from our desktop or tablets, and we can see when permits are ready to pick up.  These are HUGE time savers that directly translate into dollars.”