SMARTGOV Business Licensing Solution

SMARTGOV is a complete solution for managing permits and licenses. Jurisdictions use SMARTGOV to manage business licensing, from new applications to renewals and expirations.

  • Businesses can use the public portal to apply for a permit or license. Citizens can monitor applications and growth in their neighborhoods.
  • Jurisdictions can track applications from receipt, and track progress at every stage. Each application can include photos, plans, supporting documents, inspection notes, correspondence with the business and anything else.
  • Inspectors can use SMARTGOV to schedule inspections and recurring visits by license type, inspector or geography. The mobile inspector app lets field agents track visits with notes, photos and more.
  • Treasurers can invoice, collect and reconcile fees and payments from the same dashboard, with connectors to many financial systems and processors.
  • City Managers can report on community development and department performance. Track and measure time to delivery for licenses, performance per inspector or agent, development by region or type, and more.

SMARTGOV Business Licensing Module

  • Allows for issuing licenses
  • Generates notice letters for applicants
  • Enables online application submittal and fee payment
  • Allows for expirations or blocking of permit and inspection requests
  • Enables users to view business license history from the SMARTGOV back office

SMARTGOV Business Inspections and Code Enforcement

Many business licenses have related facility requirements that need inspections and site visits. SMARTGOV’s code enforcement and inspection tools manage:

  • Scheduling of inspections
  • Recurring inspections or visits
  • Mobile Inspect App lets officers and inspectors make notes and stay synced will all SMARTGOV user in the back office
  • Add photos from any site visit
  • Make detailed notes and corrections on any plan
  • Inspection notes are visible to any user, any department. Share information with your fire department, licensing, engineering and planning staff.

Transactions and Fees

SMARTGOV makes it easy to optimize your agency revenues with:

  • Easy online payments are more convenient and fast for your citizens
  • Integration with any credit card processing
  • Integration with your treasury and accounting systems
  • Simple invoices, bill reminders and late notices

Transparency and Engagement

SMARTGOV helps you engage with your business community and citizens with its public portal option:

  • Publish business growth activity in an intuitive map format using ArcGIS
  • Share public notices to announce changes
  • Allow citizens to report violations or questions
  • Share data on new business licensing patterns and milestones
  • Citizens have access to self-service options 24/7

SMARTGOV Reporting

Reporting integration with Exago lets you track:

  • Your agency performance and staff performance
  • Efficiency and delivery times of licensing

Trends by type of permit, area, time and more

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