SMARTGOV ATS Assessor Treasurer Solution

SMARTGOV Assessor and Treasurer Services (ATS) is a complete cloud-based assessor treasurer solution for property taxation governance.  We streamline the complex work of the assessor-treasurer into a single, simple solution.  SMARTGOV helps your agency keep assessments and revenue collections accurate, timely and accessible.

Because SMARTGOV ATS is part of the SMARTGOV civic management suite of solutions, it integrates with other civic services that impact assessments and taxes — building permitting, licensing, code enforcement, zoning changes and more. Share property information and changes between departments, while communicating more clearly and consistently with your citizens.

SMARTGOV ATS Assessor Treasurer Solution manages treasury processes for cities and counties in one simple workflow:

  • Parcel Tracking: Manage parcels by geography. Track cadastral actions, destruction or merging of parcels, and more.
  • Market Valuations: Apply and track depreciations and appreciation schedules.
  • Account Management: Simple tracking for multiple properties, account analysis.
  • Collect Fees: Generate invoices, reminders, late notices and all cashiering.
  • Citizen Communication: Accurate, updated information for citizens.
  • Security & Reliability: SMARTGOV uses Amazon Web Services for best-in-class data security and uptime
  • Reporting: Track revenue, trends, staff efficiency and more using fully configurable reports.
  • Save Staff Time: Published info, self-service portal and account access mean less front desk time for your staff.
  • Flexible: Configurable for your jurisdictions practices and adjusts to future changes in operations and laws.

Is your city or county looking for an assessor-treasurer solution to manage property services more effectively? SMARTGOV ATS manages your agency’s work in a platform that saves you time and money, while delivering better service to your citizens.

Call Paladin Data Systems at 877-367-4572 for more information and a free quote.  Contact us to set up a demo. Learn more about how SMARTGOV can streamline your community development services like permitting, licensing and code enforcement.