Replacing Your Black Bear Permitting System?


No one knows Black Bear software better than Paladin Data Systems. We’ve made an in-depth study of Black Bear products and data structures. We’ve also welcomed a number of former Black Bear employees into the Paladin family. As a result, we know how to migrate your data and train your users more efficiently and effectively than any other company. In fact, we know Black Bear’s system so well we’ll migrate your Black Bear data to SMARTGov for FREE!

Paladin Data Systems is uniquely qualified to help you through the transition. Not only does Paladin Data Systems move your Black Bear permitting data into SMARTGov easily but we move ALL of your data. Most companies offer to migrate your basic permit and inspection information. But PTWin32 maintained a broad spectrum of data, including configuration details like permit types, custom fields, pull-down lists, inspection types, and fee calculations. In addition, PTWin32 tracked detailed permit information concerning your plan reviews, conditions, time records, etc. We bring ALL your data over, not just some of it, so you don’t lose any of the information you currently have in PTWin32.

Paladin Data Systems has already converted a number of Black Bear customers to our SMARTGov software, a program that far exceeds the aged functionality of your PTWin32 product. Our state-of-the-art systems represent a quantum leap in usability and reliability, and are affordably priced for jurisdictions both large and small.

SMARTGov is the only vendor that owns the source code for PTWin.

If you want to minimize the work required to switch to new community development software, Paladin Data Systems and SMARTGov is the way to go. Speak with us today about moving to SMARTGov.

Read more about converting to SMARTGov from Black Bear PTWin.

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